Production of composted soil improvers

Production of quality composted mixed soil improver and quality composted green soil improvers.Compost is the result of the demolition and humification of a mixture of organic materials by macro and micro-organisms that produce humus.

In technical terms, composting is an aerobic organic process that, under controlled conditions, produces a mixture of humified substances (compost), starting from both green and woody vegetable residues either alone or mixed with organic waste, thanks to the action of micro-organisms. 
Given its precious organic substance content, its use improves soil structure and the bioavailability of nutritional elements (in particular, carbon and nitrogen) and as an organic activator it also increases the biodiversity of soil micro-flora. Situated in a purely agricultural zone, Azienda Agricola Allevi has a composting plant with a line for bagging composted mixed and green soil improvers. 
The quantity of special waste destined for composting amounts to a total of 60,000 tons per year, consisting in wood-cellulose vegetable waste and other compatible biomasses. Composting is carried out in forced ventilation bio-cells, each with a capacity of 2,000 m³, fitted with a system for collecting percolates and treating exhausted air through a wet scrubbing tower. The process is monitored through the computerized recording of certain parameters that qualify the biotransformation of the substrata. 
After careful mixing with quality peat, the product is packaged for distribution through the large-scale retail chain and targets the hobby market and nursery-gardening sectors in particular. It is used both in the open field and as a component in the preparation of compost for lawns and golf courses, for application either superficially or mixed with sand.


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