Recovery for use in agriculture

Thanks to its quality, methods of use and period of application, if correctly appropriately, organic sewage sludge provides invaluable humified organic substance for agricultural land.

The use of organic sewage sludge is now a consolidated reality involving tens of thousands of hectares of agricultural land throughout Italy and overseas. It is proving to be a valuable resource, especially for farms with land that has little organic substance - in general, land that has for decades been subjected to solely mineral fertilizing and that, given the lack of manuring, has been increasingly depleted of its humus component. 
The increasing production of waste in urban areas and industrial sectors creates a constantly growing need to extend the rational recovery of these sub-products. 
Considered non-dangerous special waste, organic sewage sludge, a by-product of certain industrial processes is therefore destined to be recovered thanks to its wealth of organic conditioning and fertilizing elements, which are meeting with growing favour from farmers. 
Each year, biomasses are distributed to about sixty farms covering over 4,000 hectares.
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